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Constructive discourse between fellow Conservatives and Republicans
This is a community for Livejournal users who support the GOP, Conservative values, freedom, the Constitution of the United States and are not hostile toward Christianity. Constructed as an addendum to the GWB Daily LiveJournal community, this is intended to be a long-term site, intended for discussion between like-minded Conservatives, Republicans and Christians. It is understandable that we are all not thinking exactly the same thing, and we all can have different takes on different subjects, so debate is permitted. However, this is a Reagan Conservative site, meaning a Republican shall not speak evil of another Republican. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS AGAINST FELLOWS WILL BE TOLERATED. NOT ONCE. VIOLATE THAT RULE JUST ONE TIME, AND YOU'RE GONE. You can debate one another without attacking one another.

Here, we shall be able to discuss our viewpoints without liberal harassment and persecution, and free of liberal troll infiltration and trouble-making. Non-menber posts will be scrutinized, very closely. The instant an outsider attacks an insider, they will be subject to intense, concentrated attacks from the community, not permitted to defend themselves from their own poor grace and stupidity, and summarily given the boot.

This is not a debate community. This community is for Conservatives who would like a place where they can express their opinions freely without being persecuted by people who disagree. If you join a music community and have a Bush icon, you most likely be attacked by other members. Here, members do not have to worry about that, rather, they can be encouraged that other people are supporting the president as they are.

Please, if making long posts, try to use LJ-Cuts, whenever possible.

No Off-Topic Posts. The only issues to be discussed, here, are those that affect the nation, and that can be affected by, or affect, Conservatives, the Republican Party, Christians, etc. Pictures or icons relevant to the GOP, Conservatism, etc., are welcomed. Posts that are not remotely related to the underlying intent of this community will be deleted.