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Extortion and the Obama Way - National GOP [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Extortion and the Obama Way [Dec. 16th, 2009|03:22 pm]



VIRAL NOTES: As of this moment, this blog no longer just recognizes “obamanomics” as being an ersatz and intellectually bankrupt form of economics, but a way of doing politics.

Take for instance his latest antics.

Behind the collective American back, Obama has found a way to sneak Guantanamo Bay’s collection of JOO-hating, falafel-eating terrorists into the United States, and get them on American soil. Right in his former back yard:



VIRAL NOTES: Sure, they tried a weak attempt at denying it, but they knew they were busted, and really didn’t care. They haven’t cared what the American people thought about things, so why would they start, now?

Couple that with the fact that now they’re trying to browbeat and intimidate members of their own party (probably DINOs, to them) into toeing the party line of socialism. To this end, Obama and his cohorts also show their supreme contempt not only for the American serviceman, but for the AMERICAN, in general.


VIRAL NOTES: Simply incredible.

Obama’s so focused on the destruction of the United States and the American way of life, that he’ll endanger America’s security to do so. Some of you don’t understand what the United States Strategic Command is, so let’s show you:


Even threatening to shut down STRATCOM is unconscionable. It’s the ultimate, most base expression of playing politics with the lives of Soldier, Marines, Sailors and Airmen, everywhere in the world. If it's closed and relocated, where do they send it? Illinois?! Dude, STRATCOM is physically located where it is located DUE to strategic concerns. Sure, bases can be closed, just as mine (Fort McClellan, AL) was, but this stinks to both High Heaven and East Hell. If this is nothing more than an attempt to bully an ‘errant’ member of the DNC into voting the way they want him to, I don’t know what the Hell it is.

Simply amazing.

The Iranian government is full-speed ahead on it’s nuclear program (http://hotair.com/archives/2009/12/16/a-missile-defense-system-might-be-nice-now/), the (allegedly former) Soviets are actually sending nuclear attack submarines off our coast, North Korea is working every day to improve their nuclear and conventional arsenal, and Venezuela is doing everything it can to show they’re our enemies (insert link to Venezuela working with Russians), and he wants to get rid of STRATCOM.

Let me explain something to you: tactical commands win battles. Strategic commands are positioned to win WARS. Both are things that Barack Obama is not intellectually equipped to understand. If he was, then he wouldn’t be hamstringing and handicapping the very general he picked to ‘win’ the war in Afghanistan, and be commanding general in the Af-Pak Theater.

Like Mark Levin said, last night on his show, it’s all about Obama. It’s all about him, and his ‘legacy’. He, and his Fellow Travelers of the Liberal Socialist Democratic Party, are lemmings running headlong off the cliff, and doggedly determined to drag the rest of the United States over the cliff to it’s collective death. Why they have such a collective death wish, I could not fathom. However, in a story, the insane Nero once said something along the lines of:

‘If all Rome had but a single throat. I would cut it.’

I notice the lefties don’t have much to say about my writings, and I know they’re reading. That’s good, because maybe they’re realizing that Obama, not Bush, is a dangerous lunatic. He’d doing everything in his power to weaken national defense and destroy the national economy. He’s showing himself to be the weakest president since Carter, and looking to go even further than that peanut-eating idiot did in trying to sell out his country. After not even a single year, he’s proven himself to be the dangerously incompetent, narcissistic, uninformed, un-patriotic, turncoat all Conservatives said he was. The Liberal Socialist Democratic Party, especially under Obama’s leadership, has done nothing but endanger us, impoverish us, and dishonor our servicemen.

They must be punished. Election time is coming up, and they must have their power and positions taken away from them, forever. They want nothing more than to impoverish and enslave us, our children and our children’s children. They want to confiscate our private property and steal our money. Now, it looks like they’re out to hazard our lives, in the process. Now, they are really putting a gun to our collective heads in America, and it’s time we fight back against these uncaring, selfish robber-barons...

...that have come for nothing more than to kill and destroy.

Obviously, the Liberal Democratic Socialist Party isn’t familiar with the saying: “cutting your nose off to spite your face”. That is precisely what they are doing. Worse, they’re fighting harder to protect the rights of TERRORISTS, than for American citizens. We lose rights, and they gain the rights we lose. The DNC is an organization of people that do not respect the people.

Oh, and it's starting to get back to me that there are those of you that do believe my criticism is over-the-top, aggravated by the 'illustrations' (such as the truth-in-advertising magazine covers). Anybody agreeing with this, because I will most certainly stop, post-haste, if this is the case.


[User Picture]From: brendala
2009-12-17 10:28 pm (UTC)
The "how the Democrats see the military" poster is so true. A liberal friend once asked "Why does the military require a high school diploma and an IQ test? How smart do you have to be to pull a trigger?".
I don't know much about the military. But I explained that soldiers need to be able to think on their feet in stressful situations. And that, depending on the branch a soldier ends up in, s/he will need to learn foreign languages, complex machinery, how to repair said machinery, etc. He couldn't even sputter out a reply. ^_^

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[User Picture]From: virus_x
2009-12-18 04:46 am (UTC)
Nothing is as easy as it looks.

Just shooting assault rifles, sometimes you have to calculate flight times of rounds and actual time till they strike targets. You also have to compensate for temperature, distance and gravity. Snipers have it even worse, with all the calculations they have to do (wind speed, round mass, powder grains, travel time, etc.). Then, you have to be able to mechanically service the weapons. Snipers and armorers can be as skilled as the best weaponsmiths.

In the Signal Corps, you have to operate sophisticated satellite communications equipment and be a network engineer. There is also the need to be able to repair encryption/decryption equipment and other computers.

Coincidentally, the Army Special Forces has the highest amount of degrees and advanced degrees than any other group. Most have bachelors, many have masters and Ph.D.-level degrees. Most have 2+ degrees. All speak 3+ languages, and are literate in those languages, as well. Army Special Forces medics can also run an entire field hospital, and all SF are cross trained. When they're not serving in combat, they are more effective and trusted as ambassadors, than the State Department.

Your friend wouldn't even be considered for SF.
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